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The late, great CoCo Chanel insisted that luxury be comfortable and we could not agree more.  It is our mission to produce beautiful elegant pieces that flatter the figure, provide comfort and long lasting style.  We are committed to creating a capsule collection of garments that are style-conscience and versatile.  For added convenience, all our garments are machine washable and dry flat. 

Our company sponsors a group of women who were once entertainers of the Monarchy of India.  After the Monarchy fell, this group has struggled finding a skill set and is one of the few villages that celebrate the birth of a female child as she will provide income for the family through prostitution.  Our company is dedicated to stimulating textile job growth and providing vocational training through financial support whereby eliminating the economic need for further exploitation of women in this region. 



Pamela Gaye Morris James, CEO of Paloma St James 

Pamela Gaye is an American high end fashion apparel designer who is expert in creating modular, sustainable and classic clothing pieces that are both functional and versatile.  Her designs are characterized by innovation, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, and she is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in fashion.

With over a decade in fashion, Pamela is a respected authority in her field, and her insights and expertise are highly valued by her peers. She is a member of the Fashion Group International and a UGA - Lamar Dodd school of the Arts Board Member, which allows her to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the industry, as well as network with other influential figures in the field.

Her design aesthetic is often inspired by interior design and travel. She takes inspiration from architecture, colors, textures, and patterns that she discovers on her journeys. She incorporates her inspirations into her collections and uses a modular approach to design, allowing for her pieces to be mixed and matched to create a versatile and maximal wardrobe.

Her journey towards fashion began during her 20s when she started experimenting with smocking and pattern-making. She discovered the potential of textured fibers and how they could be used in limitless ways. During her design process, she realized that dressing a woman's body could be less cumbersome if the fabric maintained a certain weight and flow. This realization inspired her to create a line of modular and sustainable pieces that reflect modern women's style and sophistication.

She is constantly seeking out new ideas and inspiration, and her designs reflect the diverse and eclectic nature of her interests. Her goal is to create clothing that is not only beautiful and elegant but also timeless so that people can enjoy wearing her pieces for years to come.

In addition, She is passionate about making a positive impact on the world through sustainable fashion, and hence she is building a community called BuyBetterForever to support this mission. 

BuyBetterForever is a community for fashion enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, stylists, and conscious buyers who are committed to creating a brighter tomorrow. The community aims to raise awareness about the impact of fashion consumption and production on the environment and to inspire people to make better choices when it comes to buying clothes. Through BuyBetterForever, she hopes to educate and empower people to make sustainable and ethical fashion choices that benefit both people and the planet. 

She is not only an accomplished fashion designer but also a passionate advocate for sustainability in the fashion industry. Recently, She was invited to speak at the “Teal Around The World Conference” and “Gemseries Podcast”. There, she shared her insights on how sustainable fashion is a game changer for a better future. She also emphasized the importance of prioritizing people and the planet over products and highlighted the benefits of recycling and restyling clothes to reduce waste.

She is a leading figure in the fashion industry, and her work continues to inspire and educate others.


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